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All the birthday wishes brought a smile to this ponies face >u<

I may not be the best artist out there, But I do have some pretty awesome followers >w>

I had a nice time. Was relaxing. Sat around, binge played some games (And by fames I mean Fallout 4). Had a few drinks (One of which was on fire! was pretty cool). And filled mah fat self with a lot of steak and other foods. Was a simple and chill birthday.

Hope you all have good day, as well as a good future birthday to you ^.^
With the week past, and the submissions in, it's time to announce the winner of this contest of mine!

The winning pic for this contest is from :icondz-aladan:

[CONTEST ENTRY] - Another Sunset by DZ-Aladan

This drawing reminds me of my second planet in the game actually! large bodies of water. Fields of lush grass. And a celestial body seen just off the horizon. The colors work well in this, as I get a strong organic "No Man's Sky" feel from this. I even love the little touches of the spaceships flying in the sky above. I thought this was deserving of the winning spot, And I thank you for making this <3

The winner will get a full copy of the game (Via a Steam code), as well as a custom drawing from me of their OC in a No Man's Sky setting. Should be a fun draw c:

For everyone else, you all did a good job too, and hope that fun was had in this contest of mine. I'll give everyone else a shoutout, and a view of what the other entries were.

With that said, thanks for partaking, and for everypony else, enjoy their labors of love :3

Traditional art by "that-starburst-guy" (From Tumblr)

tumblr obvrvpwtJz1rkfsxdo1 1280 by Template93

Had a "My first planet" Vibe to this one. Simple, sweet, and to the point c:

Digital Art by :iconharukohoshiko:

No Mans Sky pic for Template by HarukoHoshiko

It seems the Sentinels don't like me mining that precious "Pink Ore". Looks like i'll have to fight my way out of this one!

Digital Art by :iconartseewolfee:

~MLP CONTEST ENTRY~ - Tempy by ArtseeWolfee

I nice sandy, and dry feeling from this. hope I can find plenty of water on that planet. At least my jacket will keep me from being sunburnt. . . Sorta.

Traditional art by :iconponebooth:

Even butterflies flutter across the cosmos <3

3D art by "ddt-n-percys-sexyhouse" (From Tumblr)

Tempy's Sky by Template93

After a while, start seeing some weird s*** out in space. the ride never ends!
So earlier today before I went to work, I asked if any of you would be interested in a contest. Well, turns out you guys are (Minus the small handful that said no).

So with that said, let's have us a contest, shall we!

As the title suggests, the theme of this contest is "No Man's Sky". An exploring sandbox space game with a universe that contains around 18 quintillion planets that you can explore. If you haven't heard about it, should totally look it up. Matter of fact, have a trailer to it;

So let's talk about how this contest will work, and what the prizes will be.

The Rules;

- You will have 7 days to create something in relation to "No Man's Sky", using my OC character in some way. Here is a ref to my character;
Tempy Official Reference Sheet by Template93  Tempy's Cutie Mark by Template93
- The art that will be made can be of any media choice. Digital art, 3D, traditional, which ever you feel or work best at.
- The settings (Such as planet layout, or space scenes, ect.) will be up to you to decide, that you think would feel right with the concept of this game.
- All art must be SFW (Safe for Work)
- When you have created/finished your submission, this is what you should do;
-- Tumblr; Message me with a link to your art, once you've posted your work
-- Deviantart; Comment below this journal with a link to your art, once you've posted your work.
Have some mention about the contest in the description of the art work.

Sounds easy enough, right? Now for the big part. What the winner of this little contest will get.

The Prize;

- A custom drawing from me of your OC (Or fav pony) exploring the No Man's Sky universe. Can be from the hottest planets, to the coldest, emptiest parts of space, you decide. I will make it close to wallpaper size so that you can even have it as a nice desktop if you wished it.
- A Steam code to the full game, with some extra pre-order bonuses as well!
- And an internet hug :3 

Sound good!? Good! Contest starts NOW! And will end on the 19th (Either at Midnight, or when I get home from work (Pending if I work that night or not)).

Judging will be based on quality, vision, and over all feeling in relation to the game. Good luck everypony!
Greetings my so loyal followers! Surprise surprise, i'm not dead. Just not been around as much as I used to be. BUT FEAR NOT! I'm still going to be making arts, as I have some nice idea's of late i'd like to work on soon :3

As of late i'v either been at work. Being a bit lazy because of work. Or working on Nerf based projects for IRL games I play such as "Humans Vs. zombies", or "Fall of Man".

But aside from that, Let's catch up! How have you guys been? I haven't chatted with you all in a while, so lets fix that and get some convo going shall we? c:
Pretty much being around the 3 year mark sense my original idea's for the game, and roughly 6 months into the new work i'v done sense i'v hit the restart button on the project, I'm highly thinking of locking away this project in a vault, or at least reducing it down to nothing more then a simple NSFW game (No story, other context, or extras). I'll at least give/try to explain in a short fashion, so as not to make too big a wall of text.

When the project first came to light, it was shortly after I had posted my first NSFW game "A Night to remember". After gaining so much great feed back, I wanted to make another one of much better, and higher quality. Thus BSP was born. For it' first few moments, It changed story and characters, and took some time getting some VA's (Which would make this game more unique). I had found my VA's, and even got recordings of the first set of lines. in the first two and a half years, i'd had VA recordings, some animations, and some Story mode animation. At the 2.5 year mark, I had not had that much done in reality. The first year I started the project, I was graduating collage, and did not realize how much of my time went into that, instead of the other arts and BSP project. When I graduated collage, and went back home, I needed money to pay for rent. I tried the Patreon route, but that failed as I was unable to get the funds I needed on a monthly based, so I focused on commissions for the most part, making it really hard to work on the project. When I finally got the job, I wasn't in much of a need for commissions or Patreon, and thought I would have more focusing time to work on the project.

After laying out what I had at the 2.5 year mark, I was not too happy with what I had already. The animations were alright, but story felt thrown together, the interface was a mess, and in general was not turning out the way I wanted. I hold high quality standards, and the first set of work was not holding up to that. As you may remember, I made a post about me hitting the reset button near the middle, or end of July (Which you can find here  Party Officially In Progress! (Click the image)).

2 months after that announcement, I begin the new work. I redid the script. The story. The planned interface. The layout, timeline, fap scenes, added scenes, and all sorts of things. What I managed to due in the roughing stages turned out much better then what I had before, and was up to what I envisioned for the game. Fast forward to now. 6 months into the new work. Making the roughs I have now was a battle. Much like it was in the first 2.5 years of this project, every time I have the drive to work on the game, work or life or other gets in the way. And when I have the time to work on the game, I don't want to work on it at that point. It took me a long time just to rough out the story mode for this game (Which I didn't have much of one at the start before the reset). And I have more detailed fap mode sections and buttons as well. I'v even been messing with flash, but it's pretty much giving me a middle finger. It's not working with me. My quality standards  are too high, and I don't think Flash what i'm asking it to do. I think i'm just getting tired of trying to make this game at the moment. Every time I want to make the game, something else pops up that gets my attention. It feels like i'm beating a dead horse here.

With the other people I invited to help with this project, they just aren't as interested as first started. I could look for others to replace them, but at the same time, I kinda want to give it a rest on certain parts of the game if I choose to continue in some way. It looks like one of two things will happen.

1.) I cancel the game, and call it a huge fail (Though I could always lock it up, and work on it (Or re-attempt on a much later date))

2.) Continue the game, but have it only be "Fap Mode". Would just be like any other normal sex game. No story. No extras. No context. Just two ponies having at it with the click of a few buttons.

But really, option 1 is sounding pretty good. I'v tried, but I have other arts I want to do. Arts I owe people. Just, other things.

I really do feel like I have failed you guys, and I am sorry for having you wait on me for so long. Many have supported me in this, but with failed patreon attempts in the past, things always getting in the way when I want to work on it, or set dates, I just can't seem to win when trying to work on this project. Maybe there's still a chance i'll give it another go (Maybe like end of year, or next year kind of thing), but I think i'm just going to end it here for now.

If you want to unfollow me, or give me hate, feel free. I probably deserve it. For those who I said i'd get you physical rewards, I can't even afford it, nor is there a point if there is no game to be had.

I have failed, and hope you guys don't hate me much for it. . .
The night before, I could not sleep, and had terrible irritation in my throat. It kept me up and coughing. As the morning rolled into noon, I was just fatigued and tired. Tried to sleep around, and helped a little, but still had the issues with my throat. It pretty much had me stay at home and cancel the plans I had for the day. Tried to draw, but that idea failed flat. Just wanted the day to end. Still having issues now, and it's irritating me a lot.

Aside from that though, I did get a lot of Birthday wishes here on my Deviantart page >u<

Thanks a bunch for that guys! Was my favorite part of what was other wise a pretty miserable day. I'd reply individually, but after a while i'd just end up sounding like a broken record with all the "thanks"

while I try and kick whatever non sense my body is doing, will try and continue with my normal arts and what not. Got a project to finish after all ;3

Hope you all have/had a good day ^.^
Party Officially in Progress by Template93
If you or a bud is wanting some art of idea's you may not be able to draw, then I'm still open to help your idea's come to live through my art.

Currently on the new list, I'm still adding new slots until I see fit. 

If you are interested, then hit me up a note (Or message from Tumblr), and if I like the idea, i'll draw it c:

Info can be found below.

Pony Commissions (CLOSED) by Template93

Looking at how things are, I’m in a bind. I’m getting behind on rent, which is starting to irritate my mom. Which I don’t blame her. I’m a bit upset with myself too. Nothing is free. I’v been failing in keeping up with commissions, which is brining in not as much money as I can or should be able too. And Patreon (Though it is helping), is not at a goal that I would love to be at.

What would have helped, or would help a lot now, is if I went gold on my goal. I remember when I opened Patreon, that it would help. My fans would support me enough, to where I could provide bigger, and better arts, games, and animations. Stuff I could make, of my own idea’s, and not be tied to to drawing other peoples idea’s, leaving mine behind to possibly never be drawn. With what I do get in support, i’v mentioned to them that I do very much appreciate what they have supported me in. however, it only helps so far with the current rate. I still have commissions to do. And i’m noticing my slower rate of work. I think i’m getting tired of working on them. Which sucks. More often then not, I have to force myself to draw these arts. If I don’t, I get more behind, and I can’t get behind. I’v been trying to find some part/full time work to help out. But that’s not happening. I’v been at that for months with nothing.

If only I made it to my “going gold” goal on Patreon, I would have been more up to date. Hell, that game of mine would probably have been done by now.

But i’m not that good of an artist. The other great artist’s of the fandom have all the Patrons. They do more of there own work, which brings in more people. They can do animations, bigger pics, or there own games. While i’m stuck in a loop of commission, after commission, after commission, after commission, after commission. And when I do draw my own pic, I kinda regret doing so, because that was time I could have used on a commission.

I may never reach my goal on Patreon. And when I get a job (If I do), i’ll be spending as much time there as I can, which means a lot less time to work on things. I’v come to that I may never reach my goal. That it might be a selfish goal that I have set up. That maybe i’m not an artist deserving of reaching a goal like that. I look at other artist of higher following, tier, and talent, and they seem more deserving of the support. Support they can use to only better themselves, and grow into a power house of artistic content to be shared and loved by many.

Even donations are nice. But those are rare. I did get one not too long ago. But all that went straight towards rent, and went back to being in the same position.

I feel like this is a ramble journal, but a lot has been on my mind. I could do better. I should do better. But I don’t know.

I’d like to ask for more Patreon/ possible donation support. But that not in my nature to ask, and usually only provide links when asked about it.

I had a goal, and never reached it. Because I never was good enough, I’m stuck in a loop. And in that loop, i’m getting tired. A cycle that never ends.

At any rate, i’ll shut the hell up :U

I just felt like typing this out for Tumblr and Deviantart. I’m just over thinking things. If you are curious enough to see what my goal was, then here is a Link to my Patreon.

In the mean time, back to the usual. I have commissions to finish, and Rent (And other things) to make up and get ready to pay for.

See you around

~ Template93

Tomorrow, i’ll be driving to Missouri to be with a friend, and to par take on a week long game of Humans Vs Zombies. If i’v been a bit absent this month, it’s due to me getting ready to head out, and making sure I have what I need for my travels. Maybe later, I can post on how my time there went, and let you in on the action that will end up happening ;3

When I return, back to commissions as normal. If you have a commission idea you want, don’t be afraid to ask. I’ll still try and log on here and there to see new messages, but that’s about it. Won’t be back in full swing of things till after I finish up playing the game.

Till my return, have a good week guys (And enjoy the new MLP EP or two that i’ll end up missing) c:

~ hugs ~

Just need to finish up the last of the 4 commissions. Post a few more progression arts (Like show the rough, line art, flat color, and shading) on my Patreon as for some of there rewards for the support. Update commission list. Start a new commission list (Something small, like 5-6 slots at a time). And then when i’m caught up, I have enough to pay stuff for the month and next (With commission, and Patreon Support), Then get my ass in further gear, and do my best to finish that “Backstage Party” game, and finish it once and for all!

Simple enough, right?…  RIGHT!?!?

Hi guys! a quick repost to state that 8 days (Ends on March 17th, 2015) remain of the rating period for this contest!

Fingers crossed that I might finally be able to win this one. It could help me a lot if I do!

If you don’t want to rate, that’s fine, but if you do, links are provided below the pics!

Thanks in advance to those who have voted, and might vote!

Love you all

~ Tempy

Sience is Magic Layout by Template93Lending a Hand Layout by Template93


Voting has begun for the WeLoveFine contest (Which ends on the 17th or March) :D

Lets see how I do my 4th time around with this. If you guys want to help vote (Which would be very much appreciated), then click the text below for a direct link to my designs.

For Twilight and Apple Bloom, CLICK HERE.

For Lyra and Bon Bon, CLICK HERE.

Or if you want to see the others, and vote for them as well, then just look around, and see what you like c:

Tis all about the arts, and being as I have space again (Which i'm sure you'v noticed with me doing more commissions), I have some plans, and going to stay true to them.

So what is on my list of to do's?

To start, continue catching up from Februarys set back. This includes completing my current commissions list (Which you can view here), and doing a little more with my Patreon. Want to get some progression sheets of drawings out (Of which I have posted two of for Patreon only), as well as get all the monthly pony raffle drawing winners pics drawn. Once that is caught up, I want to open small commission openings of like 5-6 slots per, and will also be updating the Commission sheet with new pricing, and changes to options. I'v talked around, and everyone seems to be on the same page with what is a good price willing for my current quality of art and love that I put into them.

ALSO! the big one. "Backstage Party". Once i'm caught up, and I have a good solid foot back onto the ground, i'm going to to at least a full months worth on it. If not, just work on it till I finish it. I want to work on it. I want to see it done, posted, and out there for you to enjoy (If you know what I mean ;3). Plus upon completion, I can start to design the physical copies, save up more money via Commissions and Patreon, and ship them out to those who have supported high and beyond to help me along the road. And don't worry, I'll be holding a raffle for anyone to win as well.

But yeah, thats it pretty much.


- Finish commissions in list
- Do Patreon stuffs
- Do a few more commissions
- Work a month, or till completion of "Backstage Party"

With love
~ Template93

I made a short post on my Patreon, apologizing about my lack of content for the month, and i'm here to do the same on Tumblr, and Deviant art.

As mentioned not long ago, House Reno has been a big part of the month for me. And because of that, i'v had neither the energy, nor the space to properly draw my arts and animations. I hope soon that this will change. Till then, i'm stuck behind on commissions that are begging to be drawn, and content for Patreon. Not to mention, no game work has been done for "Backstage Party".

I do have a plan to for when I get back into the grove of things, once i'm not too tired from all the manual labor, and for when I have the space to once again draw. Till then, More time is to be waited as I will make a post about my "Coming back" when the time arrives. Hoping it will be soon.

Again, I do apologies for my lack of content.

Love you all


Random question is random, but that’s the fun of it! Do you dare share your crush? You don’t even have to mention a name, but maybe describe the person. Could be fun, and may strengthen your will to maybe confront them about said crush, or to further the reason of why you have the heart eyes for this person. Either way, kinda interested on what my followers are like on the subject. 

And to make it fair, i’ll answer the questions myself.

Q: Do I have a crush on someone, and why?

A: Sadly no. For me, It’s currently a waiting game. Sure, I’m not the most social person, but as it stands, a big chance of me having/receiving a crush is via the internet. Sure, not being In person can not know how one truly is, but if you believe and follow someone enough to at least get a taste (Like a mod blog, or something of the likes), then that should be good enough to get things started. Till then, I shall sit here, and wait to see what happens.

Now, what about the rest of you? Who roams your mind that gives you the heart eyes?

Sience is Magic Layout by Template93Lending a Hand Layout by Template93


Voting has begun for the WeLoveFine contest (Which ends on the 17th or March) :D

Lets see how I do my 4th time around with this. If you guys want to help vote (Which would be very much appreciated), then click the text below for a direct link to my designs.

For Twilight and Apple Bloom, CLICK HERE.

For Lyra and Bon Bon, CLICK HERE.

Or if you want to see the others, and vote for them as well, then just look around, and see what you like c:

Some news, and some 411 on what's going on now and such. And to start off, is the big one.

House Reno. . .

I'v been doing that with my mom and step dad (Of whom I live with). We have been working on the second story of out home, and finally working towards the first floor.

This is what has been eating away at my time for the month, and for small random periods of time in previous months and weeks (Hints why my current commission list is still not finished, and why some things are still not posted). This time around, it's been eating away pretty hard. It also doesn't help that I pretty much don't have a space to properly set up for drawing arts. So it could be well over a week or two before I can start cranking on arts again.

In terms of what i'v been doing though, I'll fill you in on the work i'v been helping with. The things are as followed;

~ Tearing down old wall paper

~ tearing down wood paneling on the first floor, and stair way 

~ Tearing down 100+ year old plater down the walls (Upstairs in our hallway, down the stairs, in the living room on the 1st floor, and in out formal dinning area)

~ tearing down the boards behind the plaster (Some of which had F#$king Chicken wire over. That made tearing said section of wall a pain)

~ Tearing up carpet

~ putting in insulation

~ putting in new electrical wiring, and receptacles

~ putting up dry wall

~ tape and mudding

~ and still on the list, new light fixtures, flooring of both wood and carpet, prim and paint, and a few other things.

As you can see, i'v been a tad busy. Hell, I even got sick last week, and was down for a few days. So much plaster dust, and horse hair sub carpet. that and the hard work, and what ever else that might have helped with my recent sickness.

Other then that, on to the main thing I do on the internet (Other then that one thing ;3)

Art Related stuffs!

I'v done very little of it, and will probably continue to do very little of it, for the next 2 weeks maybe. And it sucks. Not only because i'm just tired and sore from all the work, but because I kinda don't have a prober area to draw now. With all the stuff going on, kinda just waiting for a few things to get done. Once carpet is laid down in my bedrooms (Which have been part of the reno), I can then set up my work area. I got this really cool desk thanks for my Step dad! (The next problem, is I don't have a chair, and I need to save up to get a computer chair, so that I can work on arts again >.>)

But yeah, commissions are taking me a while longer because of this. I still have a hefty amount to finish. At least some pics are done, but not posted.

Patreon I need to get some content posted on there, and to get around to the raffle rewards. Reno has kept me from properly updating it with content, and Its making me feel bad. Here I have a few supporters, and i'm not giving them content for the month because of stuff that's in the way. Hopefully one day, I can just post stuff, and hope it can help make up for my tardiness over there.

Backstage Party still needs work too, amongst other things. I'll have a post about that later, but pretty much at the moment, like other art stuffs, won't be able to work on it for a bit, until all the reno stuff is done, and I have my rooms finished.

Valentines Day. . .

Hope you guys have a good one! Keep your SSP's close, and give them all the snuggles they can handle. Take them to the movies. Make a nice dinner for them. Maybe even give them a sweet kiss. Either way, have fun, and enjoy each others love!

I'd join you all in this, but alas, another Valentines i'm left with no SSP to share it with. And I'm not the only one either. so for the rest of us who are single on Valentines, Still try to have some fun. Hang with friends, play some games, or Just whatever suits your fancy.

to both singles and couples, have a nice big hug from Tempy <3


~ I did house reno, and did not set it on fire

~ House reno keeping me from doing arts (Sad panda)

~ happy Valentines day! Use a condom.

Some good news indeed!

I recently sold my big Warhammer 40k Ork army (Which has been sitting in it’s packed ship ready box for months now). Now, you’re thinking, why does this matter? I’ll tell you why, because this is “Backstage Party” related!

Because of selling this, I will have a nice sum of money my way. Currently, said money is unavailable on my Paypal, and takes a couple weeks before I can transfer that money to my bank. But here is the good part!

When I do get that money available, and send it to my bank, I will dedicate a entire month, of just working on the game.

It’s pretty much the equivalent of “Going gold” on my Patreon

During this month, I am actually going to try and have the game completely done and out for the public (After the rewards people from Patreon get their early access, and beta testing). If I don’t get the game done by then, I’ll at least be pretty damn close. I can try and livestream some of the work too. We’ll see.

As the norm, i’ll do my best to at least keep you up to date on it’s status when I do my full work on the game. Preview will be on the low down, but the verbal progress should be fairly plenty. I’ll announce when I do livestreaming of it’s work, but be warned that me chatting with you guys during the stream will be on the low side, so that I can continue a good pace, and not get distracted by chat convo’s.

But yeah, Let’s see if I can crank this bad girl out.

Is your (As well as mine) body ready!?

starting off the new year pretty good if I do say so myself.

To start, I have internet again. been a good week without having any. Went from about 7-12mbps download/ 1-2mbps upload, to an awesome almost 50mbps download/ 50mbps upload. Which means, possible streaming to take hold again!

Been so long sense the last time, and I should be able to do so now that I have a better connection. fingers crossed!

Now to my work on "Backstage Party"!

No new previews as of now, But I will still tell you what I have at least done this past week on and off (Not continues, cuz I was working on my future rooms, and other assistance with other stuffs here and there).

To start, I'v been reworking on of the sex positions in the game. Added a new symbol which adds more depth, and been re-working the tweens, and placement of symbols. Turning out pretty good if I say so myself.

Not sure if I mentioned this, but I got some SFX files from stubborn, and still need to play around with them. Like matching there sound with the visuals. Listening to them on there own, they sound pretty good, and hoping they become better with my animations.

And something new! I'm adding one more sex position to the game (both for story, and Fap mode). For this, i'll keep it a surprise. But by doing this, I get an even number of sections (6 now), and makes the relationship more evened out between vinyl and neon. Just need to finalize on the visuals on that, and then work on it later down the road as I finish up other parts of the game.

And another thing, on this 9th of January! I turned 22 today :D

Only thing I got really planed today, is dinner with a few others. mostly with my mom, step dad, and a few of my mom's friends. Other then that, nothing special really. Will do some more animation work on the game, and maybe even attempt to stream in the very near future.

Other then that, Theres my update for you guys.

And if you want to help support the game, and insure more continues work on it, then hit up my Patreon! if not, that's fine too ;3

Upgrading to better internet in the very near future, and will offline for about a week. So if it seems i'v become a bit more absent then normal, that would be why. Figured you guys would like a bit of a heads up, incase I don't reply or post anything.

Good news, the new internet could allow me to begin streaming again! Which i'm sure you all would love. So testing of that will happen, hopefully shortly after the upgrade.

At any rate, i'l see you guys around, and behave yourselves ;3